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Only vehicles originally imported by Maserati North America, Inc. and serviced under the factory guidelines are eligible to participate in the Certified Pre-Owned Program. Additionally of these, only Maserati automobiles within their original New-Car warranty period of less than 50,000 miles and 4 years in-service may be enrolled into the program.

The Certified pre-Owned Warranty coverage provides an additional 2 years or 50,000 miles to the balance of the existing New – Car limited warranty coverage that remains, for a total of 6 years or 100,000 miles. Engine, transmission, suspension, steering and systems for braking, cooling, fuel delivery, electrical and climate control are all covered under the Maserati Certified Pre-Owned named exclusive Warranty. The Program also provides 24 / 7 Roadside Assistance and is transferrable to subsequent owners.

Every Certified pre-owned Maserati graduates from an exhaustive regiment of test performed by factory trained technicians. Areas of evaluation include 7 separate paint characteristics, 23 body evaluation requirements, 15 interior grading points and 21 distinct validations during road testing. Substandard parts and systems are replaced and the vehicle is reconditioned to factory standards. Otherwise, the vehicle simply does not pass the test and cannot become Certified.

Each authorized Maserati dealer selects and enrolls its own candidate vehicles for Certification, ensuring that your dealer controls the enrollment, inspection, reconditioning, inventory, sales and delivery of your vehicle from start to finish.


The exclusive "Maserati Certified Pre-Owned" program will conform each certified vehicle to the highest standards and will also satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers. All you need to do is enjoy the timeless emotion of driving your Maserati.

The program is applicable to the following models: Ghibli, Quattroporte, GranTurismo, GranTurismo MC Stradale, GranCabrio.


The exclusive "Maserati Certified Pre-Owned" program warrants the best pre-owned Maserati vehicles for 12 or 24 months, with no mileage limitations. To enjoy the same services as for new cars, the Maserati pre-owned vehicles must not be older than five years (as of the date of registration), have a mileage of less than 100,000 km (62,500 miles) and, above all, pass 120 strict checks, that covers all areas of the automobile.


If the pre-owned vehicle is still covered by the standard warranty, a 12- or 24-month "Maserati Certified Pre-Owned" warranty is applicable. The coverage start date corresponds to the day after the end of the standard warranty period. If the pre-owned vehicle is no longer covered by the standard warranty, a 12-month Certified Pre-Owned warranty is applicable. The coverage start date corresponds to the date on which the vehicle is sold to the new owner.


For pre-owned vehicles not older than six years (as of the registration date), and having a mileage of less than 130,000 km (80,800 miles), is applicable the "Maserati Limited Certified Pre-Owned" warranty. In this case, the warranty coverage is drive-line limited (engine, gearbox, transmission). The programme can be requested for the following models: GranTurismo, GranTurismo MC Stradale, GranCabrio, Quattroporte up to M.Y. 13 (duo-select version not included).


To request the "Maserati Certified Pre-Owned" warranty, all the routine and extraordinary maintenance operations as required by Maserati must have been performed by Authorised Service Centres, as well as all the operations required by the mandatory service and/or recall campaigns promoted by Maserati. The vehicle must not have been involved in major accidents or tampered with, must not have taken part in competitions, and must not be a stolen vehicle.


In Europe, the Maserati Extended Warranty package includes roadside assistance, that the Customer may use for the entire term of the extended warranty. The Maserati Extended Warranty Assistance service is available for all European Customers covered by the extended warranty, 24 hours a day and all the year round, through an assistance centre that provides the following services:
  • Roadside assistance and replacement vehicle
  • Homeward or onward travel for passengers
  • Recovery of the vehicle
  • Accommodation expenses
  • Vehicle repatriation
  • Advance of money essentials
  • Motoring and Maserati Service Network information.


In the event of a change of ownership, the Maserati Extended Warranty coverage shall remain valid and shall be transferred to the new owner.


The warranty for certified pre-owned vehicles provides the same coverage as the contractual one, with the following exclusions:
  • maintenance operation and the cost of consumable materials or materials subject to normal wear and tear
  • changes or deterioration of the paint, chrome-plating, upholstery due to normal wear or inappropriate conditions of use
  • faults not due to material or constructions but to improper use, accidents or use in racing competitions.
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Northside Imports Houston - Maserati Certified Pre-Owned Benefits

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