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FIAT's long-anticipated return to the U.S. market brings the opportunity to be part of a unique experience: Italian automotive design combined with fuel efficient performance and advanced, intelligent technology.

As the home for the FIAT 500 brand now and for sales of additional FIAT models in the near future, the stylish, modern FIAT facility exemplifies the rich history of the FIAT brand worldwide.

The exterior design of the FIAT Studio facility exemplifies the FIAT brand: stylish Italian sophistication complemented with sleek sensibility. The combination of distinctive design elements that begin with the impression the facility makes and extends to the 500 model itself fuel the seduction of everyday, accessible modern Italian design for all. In keeping with the foundation on which FIAT was founded that continued with the introduction and re-birth of the 500 in 1957 and 2007 respectively, FIAT remains committed to creating small, affordable cars with impeccable styling, fit and finish which have mass appeal. Now, the return of the FIAT brand in the North American market is sure to raise the stature and change the perception of the small car here in the United States – a perception that begins with the sales facility itself. Fiat Showroom.

As the showroom environment itself is part of the FIAT brand cache, it must necessarily be a standalone facility dedicated to FIAT, constructed to FIAT specifications, with a strong FIAT brand identity, and have a refined yet simple design. The new FIAT logo, the modern interpretation of the FIAT shield design that traces its beginnings to the dawn of Italian industrialism, needs to be featured prominently on the building's exterior. It is a strong logo expressive of the continuity with change that typifies FIAT today: a company striding confidently towards the future, but at the same time rightly proud of its historic identity.

Other exterior dealer identity elements and material specifications include the enduring appeal of concrete, in a combination of rough and smooth-textured panels, representing long-term quality and strength and a nod to early automotive manufacturing facilities. Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) metal panels in distinctive FIAT red reflect light and exude understated elegance. Expanses of glass give inviting glimpses of the lively FIAT Studio action and bring sunlight in to illuminate the design lines and paint finishes on the cars.

Sustainable, green elements also can be incorporated into the facility, with the use of eco-friendly and/or recycled materials, re-use of existing facilities, and energy efficiency through the use of passive and active wind solutions.

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Northside Imports Houston - The FIAT Experience

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