Here at Northside Imports Houston, our service team is here to help drivers in a variety of ways, but there's also many services you can do on any vehicle, including luxury options right from home and are simple that anyone even a car novice can do it. We have a few examples of what can be done and what any driver should learn to do!

Services That Can Be Done From Home by Anyone

  • Replace wiper blades by making sure you've bought the right size and type for your vehicle which can be found in the owner's manual
  • Replenish wiper fluid by buying some and pouring it down your wiper fluid tube
  • Check your oil levels by finding where the oil filter is located and checking the dipstick to see how much you have left
  • Replace a headlamp bulb by buying the right type for your vehicle, and in many cases you can easily unscrew the cap where the headlights are and plug in the new one and put it back
  • Replace an air filter by locating it and popping it out and adding your new, brand approved air filter

Of course there are many others, those are just a few you can do with little to no tools required and within minutes. The more you can take care of these simple repairs yourself, the better you'll feel about the knowledge you have about your vehicle, along with saving time and effort. Of course, we're here to help with all those services as well, along with any other services you might need. If you have warning lights come on, or if you sense you have a vehicle issue or need routine services like oil changes, tire rotations, alignments and more, we have service hours currently and are offering pickup and delivery service to limit contact. Anyone within a 20-mile radius of our Houston area showroom can have their vehicle serviced by us without leaving their home.

If you'd like to know more, contact us today and we can get started and arrange an appointment.

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